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Smartphones: Phone batteries can be changed easily, government is bringing new rules

Recently, the European Union (European Union) has proposed a new law, through which users will not have any doubts about the smartphone battery. According to a report by Golem.de, the new law will allow users to replace their phone’s batteries themselves.

The European Parliament has already voted unanimously to ban the current system and is seeking to force companies to make devices from which users can easily remove and replace batteries. The report also claims that the main objective of the EU is to make batteries eco-friendly as well as user-friendly.

What does this proposal of the EU mean? And how will the users benefit from it?

If smartphone manufacturers change the current state of their devices, users will be able to replace their device’s batteries themselves. And the new law would prevent smartphone makers from selling smartphones that require consumers to have special tools or training to change the battery. According to reports, this proposal will not be implemented so soon. This rule may come into effect by 2027.

Smartphone manufacturing companies may suffer as a result of this rule

Due to this new law, companies can stop using Edhisave to make parts of their phones and start making environment friendly products. The proposed legislation is expected to increase the use of new portable batteries from 45% to 73% by 2030.

According to reports, the new legislation could have a major impact on phones sold outside the EU. Instead of spending money making different phones for each market, manufacturers may adopt a new option.

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