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Screen problem while updating the phone, Samsung asked for huge money to take it to the service center

Samsung Galaxy S21 series was launched in 2021. The phones in this lineup are known for premium features and impressive cameras. However, the phones have faced several issues in the past two years since launch. Users have complained about Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra models with camera features, image quality and hardware issues. The May update for the Galaxy S21 Ultra was recently rolled out to provide upgrades and enhancements. But one user has now reported display issues after installing this update.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra new problem in phone

An Indian Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra user contacted the service center after seeing a pink line on the phone’s display after installing the May,2023 software update. 31,000 is claimed for the same, which is a huge sum for screen replacement, with advice to replace the display to fix the problem.

But what is noteworthy is that after the complaint was posted on social media, several commenters in its comment section said that around 80% of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra users are facing the same issue. Which points to a possible software or hardware glitch associated with the devices

However, this is not the first such complaint. Earlier, Galaxy S21 Ultra users reported some green vertical lines appearing on the screen after a software update. Which indicates a strong correlation between software updates and the presence of pink or green lines on the display. Again, users of the Galaxy S20 series launched in 2020 faced similar issues.

After numerous complaints, Samsung offered free screen replacement to affected users. Perhaps, the company will once again prioritize the resolution of complaints related to Galaxy S21 Ultra and provide free screen replacement service or any suitable solution for these display issues.



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