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Samsung is rolling out a new update for crisp, clear images even in low light

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 series was launched in February last year. However, since its launch in the market, the smartphones included in this series have come into practice due to several problems. The South Korean company, however, quickly tried to resolve them. A few days ago some users of the Galaxy S22 series expressed concern about the performance of the primary rear camera in low light, especially when capturing neon signs or other light sources. Following this complaint, Samsung acknowledged the issue last March and assured that a software update will be rolled out to fix the issue. It was initially said to arrive last April but was later delayed. But now it is finally confirmed to be included in the upcoming software update scheduled for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Samsung Galaxy S22 is working on a new software update

Samsung recently confirmed that development of the software patch is complete and will be rolled out as part of an upcoming software update. Since, the July security patch for the Galaxy S22 series has already been released, users are hoping that the fix for the blown-out neon signs will probably come in the August security update.

Notably, the announcement of the new update was made on South Korea’s Samsung Community Forum, where a moderator from the company said this in response to a user’s query about the status of the update. The moderator said that the patch will be released in the next software update, although no specific date for the update has been set yet. Samsung has assured its S22 series users that they will be notified immediately once the software update date is confirmed.

In addition to concerns about neon signs, some users have also reported noise build-up in photos taken in low light conditions, especially when capturing images of the night sky. Hopefully, the upcoming update will fix this issue as well. Overall, Samsung aims to improve the low-light camera performance of its Samsung Galaxy S22 series with this software update, providing users with better quality images and a more satisfying photography experience.



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