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Official suspended for removing 21 lakh liters of dam water to find phone, fined Rs 21 lakh

Mobile phones are an integral part of people’s lives in modern times. And if you have a smartphone, life becomes easier. Many people have lighter pockets to buy a feature-rich flagship smartphone, but many people don’t bother to buy it. And to keep expensive phones safe, they use everything from covers to protective cases. But now the question is how far will you go to protect your device, if it accidentally falls out of hand in a place that is almost impossible to reach. An Indian government official went to great lengths to protect his new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which cost him his job. Let’s find out what happened.

While taking a selfie in front of the Kherkatta dam in Kanker district of Chhattisgarh, Rajesh Biswas, a food department official, fell into the water with his new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. And in order to recover this ridiculously expensive smartphone, he accidentally decided to take an extreme step, the outcome of which was not at all pleasant for him.

Initially, he employs some familiar villagers to find the handset, who try to find the handset by diving into the dam. But when that effort failed, he decided to remove the water from the dam. Rajesh brought two pumps and pumped the water for 3 consecutive days to find the phone. He was accused of withdrawing 21 lakh liters of water.

The irrigation department claims that the amount of water withdrawn could have been used for cultivation of 1500 acres of land. As soon as this incident came to light, local residents expressed anger in various quarters and the demand for punishment for irresponsible actions became stronger. Finally, the administration suspended the officer and ordered a fine of 21 lakh rupees.

Rishabh Garg
Rishabh Garg
Rishabh writes about the latest technology news for Naxon Tech


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