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New phones will not be launched, Vivo is stopping business in this country, why such an extreme decision

Brands Vivo and Oppo under BBK Electronics Group are involved in patent disputes with Nokia in several European countries. There were whispers that Vivo might be deciding to pull out of the Polish market for all these reasons. And now, a report has confirmed this news. According to reports, Vivo said that due to strategic reasons, the company’s official distributor is leaving the Polish market. However, the company assured active Vivo customers in that country that their customer support will continue.

Vivo is doing business from Poland

According to a report by GSMOnline, vivo has finally confirmed that it will exit the Polish market, although it will maintain its customer support in the country. The company said in a statement that continuous market analysis and selection of appropriate business strategies in consultation with local representatives is crucial for the Vivo brand. And so considering everything, the authorized distributor of the brand in Poland has decided to stop working. However, existing customers can still rest assured of receiving customer support and uninterrupted software updates.

However, other brands of the BBK Group do not seem to follow this same strategy. Because, Oppo recently made it clear in a statement that they are “not going anywhere”. Moreover, the brand has also confirmed that it will launch the Oppo Reno 10 series in Poland this July. In July, it also confirmed to expand its product portfolio by unveiling IoT devices including the Reno 10 series and the new Oppo Air3 Pro headphones in the following months.

Notably, both brands – Oppo and Vivo – recently shut down their websites in Germany. Vivo’s Netherlands branch is also offline, although Oppo still survives there. Despite the problems, both brands’ French websites are still up and running. In such a situation, it is natural to worry Oppo fans in Poland, which is why the company is clarifying these facts.

The news of Vivo’s exit is a disappointment for those Poles who have been waiting for the launch of new and exciting phones like the Vivo X Flip and the upcoming V29 series. From now on, they have to either import Vivo products from other countries, or choose another brand.

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