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Motorola Bend: Motorola comes up with amazing phones that can be bent like a watch

As the 21st century progresses little by little, new technologies are taking place in human society one after another. Especially every year mobile phones are becoming more and more modern. From satellite connectivity, foldable design to the concept of phone transparency, AI tools, ultra-high-quality cameras etc., the market as well as technology is witnessing. Again, at the recent Mobile World Congress event or MWC 2024, the tech companies are presenting a glimpse or teaser of their upcoming devices, it seems that people’s lifestyle is going to be like a science fiction movie in the future! In fact, one of the oldest mobile brands Motorola has brought forward a modern phone in this event, which can be used on the wrist like a wristwatch. This phone is named Motorola Bendable Phone or Motorola Shape Shifting Phone.

Motorola is going to bring Bendable Phone or Shape Shifting Phone

In recent times, Motorola has been seen trying to attract the attention of the market by launching budget smartphones. However, the concept of the phone that the company has revealed at the Mobile Congress event, users can wear it on their hands like a smartwatch or bend it as they like. Hence it is named as Motorola Bendable Phone or Shape Shifting Phone.

How to change shape Motorola Bendable Phone or Shape Shifting Phone?

It is reported that instead of folding like other foldable smartphones, the upcoming phone will feature an adaptive display. Because of this, the phone will be able to bend and take on many shapes, even to fit on the wrist as a 6.9-inch smartwatch, which is the most unique thing.

What are the specifications of Motorola’s new phone?

All that is known for now is that Motorola’s new space-shifting phone will sport a 6.9-inch FullHD+ pOLED (pOLED) display. Besides, the company said, this device will also have interesting AI features.



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