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iPhone SE 4: Apple launches affordable iPhone for middle class, launch in 2025

Apple launched its budget-friendly iPhone SE lineup in 2016 with middle-class buyers in mind. After that several models were launched under this series. The latest model was unveiled in 2022. As we enter the new year, there are reports that the next iPhone SE model, i.e. iPhone SE 4, will be launched next year. And now a report has revealed important information about the display of the upcoming iPhone. Let’s find out what upgrades the upcoming phone is going to offer.

iPhone SE 4 will have an OLED screen

According to a report by The Elec, Apple may upgrade the budget-friendly iPhone SE lineup with OLED displays by 2025. The SE is currently the only iPhone that still uses LCD technology, so this change could bring it on par with Apple’s premium models in the display segment. OLED displays will offer brighter colors, deeper black tones and better overall picture quality than LCDs. But despite this, Apple’s main focus will be on keeping costs down for the iPhone SE 4.

Although OLED panels are typically more expensive to manufacture, Apple is expected to keep costs down for the iPhone SE due to fierce competition among component suppliers. Samsung Display is said to have offered the lowest price, so the company can get more orders.

Incidentally, Samsung and China’s BOE have quoted $30 (about Rs. 2,490) to $40 (about Rs. 3,320) for the low-cost model. Among them, Samsung offers the most affordable price with $30 per unit, while BOE’s range is $35 (roughly Rs. 2,905).

Meanwhile, another Chinese display manufacturer, Tienma, is said to be asking the highest for iPhone SE 4 components, at $40 (per unit). Given Samsung’s previous work history with Apple and its offer to supply components at the lowest prices, it will likely get most of the orders after BOE. Each company’s quoted price for OLED panels is about one-third less than the panels used in the latest flagship iPhone 15, giving Apple ample room to make good margins for each iPhone SE 4.

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