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Car Mileage Tips: Mileage will increase like magic, just follow these 5 tips and you will get results in no time

Before buying a car, the first thing that comes to mind is the mileage. However, the performance of the cars that match the higher mileage is slightly lower. To solve this problem, car manufacturers these days are looking at both mileage and performance with increased importance. But it is possible to get more mileage by following several methods. There is no need for much fuss. Today’s report contains some such tips.

Tricks to get extra mileage from your car-

Lose excess weight

According to the general laws of physics, a car’s weight and mileage are inversely related. That is, as the weight of the car increases, the engine will also need to produce more power to rotate the wheels. And that will cost extra fuel. Keeping this in mind, unnecessary excess weight in the vehicle should be reduced. Many times, many unnecessary items of daily use are lying around the car cabin or in the boot. Removing all these things will definitely reduce the fuel consumption of the engine.

Keeping the tire pressure correct

Tires play an important role in connecting the road with any vehicle. If these tires are under-inflated, more pressure is applied to the engine to keep them spinning. As a result, the mileage decreases drastically. On the other hand, if the excess air is filled in the tire, it will damage the tire very quickly. So maintain the tire pressure specified by the company to keep the tire health fresh for a long time and get adequate mileage. This matter needs to be checked constantly.

Avoid running unnecessary engines

One has to repeatedly get stuck at traffic signals within a few meters on congested city streets. All these signals often require long standing. Be sure to keep the car engine off. It will save some fuel consumption. However, in this summer country, the engine needs to be running to keep the air conditioner running during the intense heat. If you are thinking of buying a new car, then choose a car with auto start-stop feature. It will get more mileage.

Cruise control

Running at the same speed continuously helps in getting more mileage as the engine consumes less energy. With this in mind, most cars today have cruise control as a standard feature. This is a feature that facilitates fuel economy while maintaining momentum on the highway. However, it is best to avoid this cruise control feature on hilly roads or slippery roads during monsoons and city traffic.

Besides petrol or diesel as well as alternative fuel vehicles get more mileage. For example, CNG vehicles have been working to save fuel for many years, and on the other hand, they also contribute to reducing environmental pollution. Also, the recently launched hybrid technology cars use electric power as well as petrol, so they actually add quite a bit more mileage.

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