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India sets new record for 5G smartphone shipments, 100 crore handsets sold, Samsung ahead

Many 5G smartphones have entered the market even before the launch of the new fifth generation network in India. Many people have also bought these phones in advance. But since the official rollout of 5G services last October, the sales of phones supporting this new connectivity have grown tremendously. Firstly the 5G rollout is happening very fast in the country and secondly it is being used free of charge courtesy of Jio, Airtel. Naturally, when it comes to smartphone upgrades, buyers are turning to 5G features. So much so that the sales of 5G smartphones in India recently set a new record. Yes, you read that right! Last May, the number of shipments of 5G supported smartphones crossed 100 million, which is a new record.

Samsung is the best selling 5G phone

According to a report by CyberMedia Research (CMR), 5G smartphone shipments have increased 28 times since its launch. 5G smartphone shipments in the Indian market accounted for 48% in May, with Samsung selling the most 5G phones. In this case, the names of OnePlus and Vivo are right after Samsung in selling 5G handsets. Note that these three brands together occupy 60 percent market share. It is estimated that the 5G smartphone market will grow by more than 70 percent in the next few days compared to last year.

Around 100 5G smartphones have been launched in India in 2022

Statistics show that the first 5G smartphone was launched in the Indian market in 2020, and since then its shipments have increased 13 times. In this case only in 2022 means 100 5G smartphones were launched in this country last year.

However, according to CMR, in order to bring 5G to the people of India in a better way, it is necessary to launch a large number of 5G smartphones in the range of Rs. And if this happens, the sales of this type of phone will increase.

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