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Electric Bike: Tata launched an e-bike at the price of a smartphone, it will run 100 km for 10 rupees

Tata International Limited wholly owned company Stryder (Stryder) has launched a new cheap electric bicycle for the countrymen. Which is named Zeeta Plus. The company claims that this battery-powered bicycle is ideal for commuting from one place to another at a low cost in an environmentally friendly manner.

Stryder Zeeta Plus Electric Bicycle Launched in India

The terrible effects of environmental pollution are already being witnessed in our country as well as the whole world. Several countries have plans to reduce carbon emissions in the near future. The government has set a target of reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050. It is for that purpose that several such battery powered vehicles are being introduced in the market. Stryder’s e-bike uses a high 36 volt and 6 amp hour battery pack. This battery can produce a maximum power of 216 watt hours.

The company claims that this battery can provide enough power to drive the Zeeta Plus smoothly on any type of road. The top speed of Zeeta Plus is 25 km per hour. According to the company’s sources, this battery-powered bicycle can cover a distance of about 30 km on a single charge with the help of pedals. It takes three to four hours to fully charge the battery.

A strong battery and a powerful electric motor keep the steel frame firmly in place. The Stryder Zeeta Plus is built on a slim but modern design frame. A look at the other features of the bike shows that Autocut braking system is available with disc brakes on both the wheels. Moreover, with the help of this bicycle, it has made it possible to reach the daily destination by spending only 10 paise per kilometer.

Tata Stryder Zeeta Plus is priced at Rs 26,995. However, this price will be valid only for the initial few days. Since then, it has been reported that the price of the bicycle will be increased up to 6,000 rupees. It also comes with two-year warranty, easy EMI options and free home delivery.

Speaking about the launch of Stryder Zeeta Plus, the company’s business head Rahul Gupta said, “As one of the best bicycle manufacturers in the country, our sole aim is to expand the alternative transportation system across the country. The Stryder Zeeta Plus is a surefire option for those who prefer a low-cost and pollution-free commute and want to buy a stylish vehicle at the same time.”

Incidentally, Stryder is well-versed in manufacturing a variety of battery-powered and general purpose bicycles in India. The company’s portfolio includes a variety of alloy bikes, mountain bikes, SLRs, children’s bicycles and a variety of essential accessories. They have more than 4,000 retail outlets across the country.

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