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Google is bringing this important feature to the phone with the help of Samsung, the iPhone will be under pressure

Google launched the flagship Pixel 8 series in October last year. And their affordable Pixel 8a model is rumored to hit the market next month. And at the end of the year, the Google Pixel 9 series will debut as the successor to the Pixel 8. Although the launch is still several months away, the speculations have already started. And now a report claims that the next-gen Pixel phones will have a special feature that was missing earlier, and that is satellite connectivity. Nowadays various leading brands are adding the feature to their flagships, making this feature a must for premium grade phones.

Google Pixel 9 series will get satellite communication support

Android Authority quoted a Google insider in their report as saying that the Google Pixel 9 series will use the new Samsung Modem 5400, which will enable it to connect to satellites via the 5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN). This will make it possible to send emergency messages to any location where there is no mobile network.

T Mobile will reportedly initially offer the service, leveraging Space X’s Starlink “direct to cell” network. Initially, users will be able to send text messages, but not make calls. SpaceX recently received approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to expand its cellular Starlink testing across the United States, including statewide trials and preparations for global testing.

Earlier in March, SpaceX successfully completed testing of its cellular Starlink service using unmodified phones from leading manufacturers, including the Pixel lineup. Android Authority reports that Google Pixel 9’s emergency texting will respond to specific prompts, allowing emergency services to streamline communications and provide faster assistance. This functionality will be similar to Apple’s Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone.

Last February, Google announced a partnership with AST SpaceMobile to advance satellite connectivity for Android devices. The partnership saw Google join mobile carriers AT&T and Vodafone in investing $110 million in AST Spacemobile. This company develops orbiting space-based cell towers.



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