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Google Chrome: Google Chrome users in danger, the center issued a warning

The ‘Indian Computer Emergency Response Team’ aka CERT-IN has recently found multiple vulnerabilities in the Google Chrome OS version. That is why this government research team attached to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has issued an urgent warning to citizens in their latest CIVN-2024-0031 Security Note (February 8, 2024), stating that personal data of Chrome users may be at high risk due to the vulnerabilities discovered.

According to CERT-In’s guidelines, by exploiting the newly discovered vulnerabilities – β€œan attacker could take advantage of this to send malicious code to the device. Not only that, it can also bypass security restrictions or disable the device’s system’s terms of service and revoke overall access to the device.” So it is advised to update Google Chrome on the device as soon as possible to avoid any untoward incident related to cyber attack.

CERT-In also stated in their security note that hackers will repeatedly try to lure Chrome users into specially crafted web pages. In order to exploit the vulnerabilities in the OS. As a result, if you unknowingly visit such a page, it becomes easier for attackers to trigger vulnerabilities and allow them to hack the device.

Ways to stay safe:

Vulnerabilities discovered in Google Chrome OS can lead to multiple unwanted incidents. Therefore, to be safe, first of all, the latest version of the browser must be installed on the device. Because under this update Google has included several security patches, which will help to identify vulnerabilities and increase the security of the system.

Follow these tips to stay safe from cyber attacks:

  • Browsing Precautions: Extra precautions should be taken while browsing the Internet. Avoid visiting unknown or suspicious websites. Do not click on links from untrusted sources. Avoid e-mails or messages asking you to click on links with tempting offers
  • Use Antivirus Software: Always use a valid antivirus software to protect the device from any kind of cyber attack.

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