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Camera will be better with razor performance, new update in Vivo V27 Pro phone

Vivo V27 Pro debuted in India last March. Coming in the mid-range segment, this device has gained considerable popularity due to its impressive performance and attractive yet stylish design. And seeing this wave of popularity, Vivo may have decided to release a new software update to improve the overall performance of their latest handset. The main purpose of this update announcement is to enhance the user experience and optimize the software section of the device. Also fixing some bug related issues.

New software update released for Vivo V27 Pro smartphone

Vivo released a latest software update for their V27 Pro smartphone, which includes the ‘June 2023 Android Security Patch’. Along with improved system optimization, this update will fix various types of issues and also improve the performance on the device in various aspects.

The ‘improvements’ that come under this update include – improved compatibility with third-party apps, fixing app crash issues, optimizing network performance for stability, improving overall camera functions and improving the dark mode experience. Additionally, the said update is also able to fix the issues present in the Always-on-Display feature. Below is a detailed discussion of the software update changelog for the Vivo V27 Pro smartphone.

Vivo V27 Pro smartphone software update changelog


  • A June 2023 Google Security patch will be available to improve system security.
  • Compatibility with third party apps has been optimized. Also, the app crash issue has been resolved.


  • Optimized network fluency and stability to improve users’ web experience.


  • The smoothness of the overall camera function has been optimized to provide a better shooting experience.

Dark Mode (Dark Mode):

  • Dark mode has been optimized to resolve abnormal display issues on certain interfaces.

Home screen, lock screen, and wallpaper (Home screen, lock screen, and wallpaper):

  • Always-on-display feature was showing occasional display error issues. This issue has been resolved.

How to check if there is a new software update on Vivo V27 Pro smartphone?

When the new ‘June 2023 Android Software Update’ is available on the Vivo V27 Pro smartphone, users will get a notification on their device. And if you have not received any notification, then you can also check manually. For this first go to the “Settings” section of the device. Then you can check the availability of updates by going to the “System Updates” section. (Settings > System Updates)



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