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Bezel, no notch! Apple may surprise the world by launching full screen iPhone

Apple iPhone X was launched in 2017. It enters the market with extensive design upgrades. The iPhone X offers super slim side bezels and a relatively thick notch above the display to house the selfie camera and Face ID, a first in Apple’s history. It was also the first iPhone to come without the company’s traditional fingerprint scanner embedded home button. The design remained more or less the same till the Apple iPhone 14 Pro series last year. In the current iPhone model, the company changed the design of the notch and added a new feature in its place, which the company calls “Dynamic Island”. But that too is expected to change soon and an iPhone without a notch and bezel will debut in the market for the ultimate edge-to-edge display experience. A reliable source claims that Apple has started working with leading display manufacturers for their future iPhone models.

Apple is literally working on a bezel-less and notch-less iPhone display

According to a report by South Korea’s Padya Elek, leakster Ice Universe reported that Apple is working with Samsung and LG to design a bezel-less, notch-less display. However, the company will continue to use the OLED display in the iPhone in the future, which has been used since the iPhone 12 series. Added to this, the upcoming iPhone models will have flat displays as before, while many Android rival brands use curved displays in their mid-budget handsets as well. This means that a bezel-less iPhone would be more like a big slab of glass, increasing the chance of unnecessary touches.

The report mentions that Apple plans to include the camera and necessary sensors below the display, as seen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Achieving a bezel-less screen requires the addition of thin film encapsulation (TFE) and under-panel camera (UPC) technologies. TFE protects the OLED from moisture and oxygen. While bezel-less smartphones are not new, this technology has not seen widespread adoption. In 2021, Xiaomi showcased a concept smartphone, featuring Quad Curved Waterfall Display technology, with the edges of the display covered by the screen, creating a fully immersive look.

Note that there is no clear word on when the notch-less, bezel-less iPhone will be launched, but expect this particular design from Apple to hit the market in another year. Apple is going to launch the new iPhone 15 series this year. According to multiple sources, the company will retain the same display size for all four iPhones in the lineup – 6.1 inches (iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro) and 6.7 inches (iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max). However, all new phones this year will have a dynamic island notch, which adjusts size according to notifications. However, it is also possible that Apple is internally testing a notch-less, bezel-less display and it may not make it to commercial units in the near future.

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