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Apple listened to users, iPhone can be repaired at low cost

Good news for Apple iPhone users. From now on, you will have to spend less money if you want to move the phone. In fact, Apple announced today that it will be able to use recycled parts when repairing iPhones from stores. As a result, the device can be used for a long time, and the environmental pollution will be reduced.

Apple’s senior vice president of hardware, John Tarnus, said Apple has always strived to provide the best experience for its users.For the past two years, Apple has been working hard to make recycled parts as safe as new. With the new rules, Apple wants to provide more benefits to its users and extend the lifespan of its products.

One of the challenges Apple faced in doing this was to ensure that the recycled parts were genuine and safe to use. Due to this the company has taken various steps and made the parts usable. This means that future iPhone models will support recycled biometric sensors.

Not only that, it will cost much less to repair the old iPhone after the new announcement. Because now there is no need to buy new parts. Using recycled parts will extend the life of older iPhones.



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