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Apple iPhone 16 Brings Smartphones to DSLR Camera Level, See How

Various information about the Apple iPhone 16 series have been floating on the internet for the past few months. Apple’s next-generation flagship smartphones are expected to debut in the global market by September this year. Many reports have already claimed that Apple will include a dedicated capture button on the iPhone 16 series, which will act as the camera’s shutter. And now, a tipster has revealed some important information about the capture button of the upcoming iPhone models Let’s take a look at them.

iPhone 16 may have DSLR-like capture button

Instant Digital claims on Weibo (a Chinese microblogging website) that the iPhone 16’s capture button will be able to detect multiple levels of pressure. It’s like the two-step button on a digital camera. Its main function will be to trigger an image or video capture. Again, a light or halfway press will enable the user to lock and adjust focus. This will offer great convenience instead of having to tap the display with your finger to lock the focus on the subject, thereby preventing the possibility of blurry images. It is also rumored that the capture button may also support zoom in and zoom out functions.

Note that some Sony Xperia phones already feature a two-step shutter button. The dedicated capture button will enable users to quickly take photos on the iPhone. The action button on current-generation iPhone 15 Pro models can only be programmed to launch the camera app. As a result, the new button is going to add many more functions.

Also, Instant Digital reported that Apple’s addition of a capture button to the iPhone 16 series phones indicates the company’s focus on photography in the next-generation devices. It can be a useful and effective addition for professional photographers and videographers. It is not yet clear whether the capture button will be present on all iPhone 16 models. However, initial renders of the iPhone 16 Pro have shown the dedicated button at the bottom right of the phone’s frame.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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