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Android 14 will tell you how the phone’s battery is, when to change it

Google’s upcoming operating system Android 14 is expected to come with several new features. Besides, the privacy and security dashboard will be further improved. Also, an Android operating system researcher said that the new software version provides a new BatteryManager API (BatteryManager API), with which users can check the health of the smartphone’s battery. This function will offer many essential features and internal information.

Android 14 phone comes with battery health checking feature

Mishal Rahman, an Android researcher at, said in a series of tweets that Android 14 will roll out some new application programming interfaces (APIs) such as cycle count, charging status, date of manufacture, date of first use, It will provide essential information like charging policy and most importantly battery health status. Right now, the new BatteryManager API is only available on Google’s Pixel smartphones, which are currently running Android 14 beta 2 version or higher.

Notably, with the release of this API, several developers have already started creating apps that allow users to check the battery health of their devices. A developer named Narrator has launched an open source battery health app called Batt. It provides users with battery health statistics. However, the battery health data provided in this app may not be completely accurate. The app uses data provided by the API, which itself relies on data from trackers present in the hardware.

The battery health statistics feature has been a long-standing demand of smartphone users. Apple launched the battery health feature for their smartphones with iOS 11.3 software version in March 2018. This feature allows iPhone users to check the health and performance of their device’s battery and provides information about the battery’s maximum capacity and peak performance capabilities.

However, there is currently no such feature available for Android users. Android users can finally access this battery manager API with the launch of Android 14. Presumably, Google will launch their own battery health feature using the current framework. However, Google may drop the feature completely from Android 14 and add it to Android 15 later.

Notably, Google first unveiled Android 14 in February 2023, revealed more of its features during the Google I/O 2023 event held in May, and released Android 14 Beta 2 at the same time. And the software company seems to launch the stable version of this mobile operating system around August or September.

Rishabh Garg
Rishabh Garg
Rishabh writes about the latest technology news for Naxon Tech


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