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And people will not make iPhone, Apple is bringing automated plant

Apple has set up multiple manufacturing plants across China and India to manufacture their iPhones. Which has become a source of livelihood for millions of people. But now the news that has come forward, it indicates a kind of staff layoff! In fact, the tech giant has reportedly instructed its vendors and manufacturing partners to adopt 50 percent automation in iPhone manufacturing. At the same time, Tim Cook's company is also asking to reduce the number of workers at the iPhone's final assembly factory. However, this change will not happen immediately. It will take several years to build an 'automate plant'. However, there has been a stir among Apple employees ever since the news broke.

Apple to build automat plant

Automation is becoming an important part of manufacturing today. But until now, Apple preferred to assemble devices through traditional processes rather than automated machine-based production. After all, Apple has not thought of this option for a long time as the automation setup is expensive as well as its maintenance.

However, Apple's iPhone production has been heavily affected by earthquakes as well as labor strikes at China-based factories in the past few months. At the same time, disagreements with the governments of neighboring countries caused considerable problems for the organization. All these factors may have affected iPhone assembly, so Tim Cook may have felt the need to build an automated plant.

Meanwhile, if the automation process is taken in the case of iPhone manufacturing, workers will naturally be laid off. This could have a negative impact on all of Apple's manufacturing partners, such as Foxconn. Because automation processes are widely used in China. Because of this, it will be possible to complete the construction of automated plants in China faster than in other countries. If this is the case, Apple's need for manufacturing partners will continue to decrease. And the profits of the companies will also go down.

However, according to the standards that Apple follows in manufacturing their iPhones, it seems that installing the automation setup will take a little longer. It should be noted that iPhone 15 (iPhone 15) assembly work was partially automated. But the upcoming iPhone 16 (iPhone 16) will reportedly not use this process. In fact, the tech giant is not taking any chances as the analyst team – opined that there is a “high chance of defects in the system once the device is assembled” in the process.

Apple initially plans to build an automat plant in China. Later it may set up factories with automation setup in Vietnam and India as well. In this case, this strategy seems to play an important role in increasing the production rate.



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