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Electric Car: Beating Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore is the best in the country, where is Kolkata?

Electric vehicle sales in India are increasing day by day. Many people are turning to electric vehicles to escape from the high prices of fuel. Many people are also adopting this model from environmental awareness. Delhi, the capital city of India, has been the leader in the sale of electric vehicles for a long time. But this year Bangalore set a new record in the country. Delhi has also overtaken in sales of electric cars. Not even Mumbai or Pune come close to being the “Silicon Valley of India”.

Bangalore topped India in electric car sales last year

According to statistics from Jato Dynamics India, a total of 8,690 electric vehicles have been registered in Bangalore by 2023. Whereas in 2022 the number was 2,479 units. As a result, there was a 121.2% rise in demand for e-cars in the state last year. A total of 87,927 units of passenger electric vehicles were sold in India last year. Which is 143.7% more than 2022.

Delhi is the capital city after Bengaluru in terms of sales of eco-friendly cars. Last year 8,211 Delhiites took home such cars. Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune followed with sales of electric vehicles at 6,408 units, 5,425 units and 3,991 units respectively.

In 2022, Mumbai topped the country in electric vehicle sales. A total of 4,745 units were sold there that year. Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad were among the top five cities after Mumbai. Sales were 3,748 units, 2,914 units, 2,479 units and 2,225 units respectively.

Incidentally, Jato Dynamics India president and CEO Ravi G Bhatia credited the city's tech-savvy initiatives, improved road infrastructure and robust EV ecosystem in a social media post for seeing the rapid adoption of electric vehicles in Bengaluru. He also hailed the rapid expansion of electricity and public charging stations for charging.

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