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Flying Car: Run on the road, fly in the sky! The dream of buying a flying car will come true in 2025

It is difficult to find a person who does not dream of flying cars shown in science fiction movies. Again, this type of car is a match for being stuck in traffic jams for hours. American company Alef is bringing flying car to reach the destination ahead of time. The company has already received clearance from the US Federal Aviation Administration or FAA to start testing their flying car. As a result, this time they will be able to see the Alef Gagan vehicle flying on the road and in the sky.

Model A brings Alef

It should be noted that for the first time in America and even in the whole world, an electric vertical take off and landing or eVTOL got the green signal to fly in the sky. This Gagan vehicle is named – Model A. It is capable of flying in the sky as well as walking on the road. Like a drone, it can fly straight from a stationary position and land vertically. This introvert is adept at staying. The company claims that if the battery is fully charged, it will provide a range of 320 km on the road and 180 km in the air.

It is surprising to hear that the “Model A” has no wings to fly. A couple of propellers are provided to provide power. In the sky it can rotate up to 90 degrees around the cockpit. Alef has priced the car at $3,00,000 or around Tk 2.45 crore. Advance bookings have already started. For which 1,500 dollars or about 1.22 lakh rupees are required.

Aleph is planning to bring the Model A to the market from 2025. How compatible the final version will be with the concept model is a big challenge for the company. A permit from FA allows the vehicle to be flown only at a specified location. After passing it, the green signal will be given to provide services anywhere in the country. Alef is currently working on another four-seater flying car called the Model Z. Which will be launched in 2035.



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