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Even if you go abroad, you can make phone calls at just 121 rupees, Jio has launched a new cheap international roaming plan

There are many of us who have to go to and fro the country for work or travel. One of the problems faced in this situation is related to mobile network roaming. Keep this in mind for using network services when stepping outside your home area. But if you use Reliance Jio SIM, then you don’t have to worry about roaming services and its charges anymore. Because the leading telecom company recently announced new International Roaming (IR) plans to the satisfaction of lakhs of customers. As a result now Jio customers can choose the right plan according to their requirements. Also, the company has categorized the roaming plans so that information about all the plans is available at a glance.

Jio customers can choose any category to recharge their roaming

Earlier Reliance Jio offered random roaming plans. But now for the convenience of the users the company has organized all the plans into five categories – Travel Pass, Roam More Packs, International Wi-Fi Calling, Global Packs and IR Data-Only (IR Data-Only) Pack Now, let’s see exactly what plans or benefits are available in these categories.

1. Travel Pass: As part of the new Travel Pass category, Jio is offering three plans of varying validity that are valid in 32 countries In this case, the base plan will be priced at Tk 499, in which 100 minutes of voice calling, 100 SMS and 250 MB data will be available for 1 day validity. Again the second plan will cost Rs 2,499 which will offer all the mentioned benefits with a validity of 10 days. Similarly, the latest plan in this category will offer 1,500 minutes of voice calling (outgoing) and 5 GB high-speed data with a validity of 30 days i.e. 1 full month, priced at Rs 4,999. Let’s say, free incoming calls can be made if Wi-Fi calling facility is available in these three plans.

2. Jio Roam More IR: There are three plans under this category and they will be valid in 44 countries Of these, the Rs 1,499 option offers 14 days validity, 150 minutes of voice calls, 1 GB high-speed data quota and 100 SMS. Again there is a Rs 3,999 plan that will offer 250 minutes of outgoing calls, free incoming calls on Wi-Fi calling, high-speed data and 100 SMS with a validity of 30 days. In this case, if you choose the Rs 5,999 plan of the department, you will get 400 minutes of outgoing calls, free incoming with Wi-Fi calling, 500 SMS, 6 GB high-speed data etc.

3. International Wi-Fi Calling: These newly launched plans will only be used to make international calls within India. Two plans of Rs 121 and Rs 521 are available in this category, the first of which will offer 100 minutes of incoming and outgoing calls with Wi-Fi calling and 2 days validity. On the other hand, the Rs 521 plan offers 10 days validity and 500 minutes of calling benefits.

4. Jio Global IR: There are two plans priced at Rs 1,101 and Rs 1,102 – valid in over 130 countries In this case, the Rs 1,101 plan offers usage value of Rs 933.05, 5 SMS and 28 days validity. And the Rs 1,102 plan will offer a usage value of Rs 933.90, 5 free SMS and Wi-Fi calls with 28 days validity.

5. IR Data-Only: There are four plans in this category – Rs 999 plan offering 7 days validity and 1 GB data, Rs 2,999 plan with 7 days validity and 5 GB data, Rs 4,499 plan with 14 days validity and 8 GB data and above all 21 days validity. And Rs 5,899 roaming plan offering 10 GB data facility.



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