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EV Subsidy Refund: Full amount of subsidy should be returned, people buy bikes-scooters in Fasad

Bought electric two-wheeler with subsidy? Then this time you may have to pay that money from your own pocket. Recently seven of India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturers have jointly submitted such a proposal to the central government, news agency PTI reported. Manufacturers demand that the subsidy given by the Center while buying electric scooters or bikes should be taken back from the buyers. If the Center accepts that demand, then we people have to be ready to pull some knots.

Consumers may have to refund subsidy given under FAME-2 scheme

The Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), a body of automobile companies, has filed a demand with the Union Ministry of Heavy Industries to withdraw the subsidy paid by consumers on purchase of electric two-wheelers. Because the government has sought compensation of Rs 469 crore from seven two-wheeler electric vehicle manufacturers, including Hero Electric and Okinawa Autotech.

The government’s investigation found allegations of violations against the firms under the Fem-Two scheme. As a result, the Center has issued a notice seeking the refund of the subsidy which has been collected illegally through loopholes in the rules. And now the manufacturers are demanding recovery of that money from the buyers. Such a proposal has been sent to the government by their organization.

The remaining five companies involved in fraud are – Ampere EV, Revolt Motors, Benling India, Amo Mobility and Lohia Auto. Incidentally, under the Fame-Two scheme, it was conditionally stated that incentives would only be given to electric vehicles manufactured in India. But the investigation by the Ministry of Heavy Industries found that these seven companies made cars by importing multiple equipment from abroad. The Center directed these seven organizations to return the subsidy money.

Meanwhile, customers who bought electric two-wheelers with subsidies may have to refund the money to the manufacturers this time. It is expected to have an impact on the sale of electric vehicles in the country. Meanwhile, it has been informed that the Center will check whether the FEM-2 rules are being followed before giving subsidies in future. The center believes that manufacturers will be encouraged to increase the localization of two-wheelers.



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