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Electric Scooter: TVS will save the middle class from fuel scarcity, bringing new e-scooter at low cost

Currently the second best selling electric scooter model in India is the TVS iQube. Where the first place holder is Ola S1 Pro. According to sources, TVS Motor Company is going to launch their cheapest scooter to share in the sales of Ola. It has been decided to launch the cheapest model of iQube as the government reduced the subsidy under FEM-II scheme. In order to reduce the burden of additional price on the buyers. The new variant will come with a smaller battery and comparatively fewer features.

TVS is bringing the cheapest variant of the iQube

Till now, no details about the new scooter from TVS have come out. But according to experts, it will attract more buyers when it comes to the market. This will accelerate the company’s growth in the electric two-wheeler segment. Meanwhile, since June, the reduction of the amount of subsidy in the FEM-II project has seen a huge impact on the sale of electric two-wheelers. Which further motivated TVS to come up with affordable scooters.

Bringing out a new variant of the iQube with a lower capacity battery will reduce TVS’ production costs. The company currently sells two variants of the iQube – Standard and S. There is also ST trim. The price of the top-end model is yet to be announced. A 3.04 kWh battery is present in the Standard and S variants. Meanwhile, the ST trim has a 4.56 kWh battery.

TVS may cut back on the features of the cheaper variant of the iQube to keep the price down. For example, it may have a smaller display. No information is known about the specific launch date of the scooter. Incidentally, TVS will launch new products in Dubai on August 23. About which the company is maintaining a lot of secrecy. But it is expected to be a premium electric scooter with a futuristic design.



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