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Earn money from Twitter, company introduce 3 new features – Twitter Communities, Super Follows and Safety mode

Earn money from twitter
Earn money from twitter

Want to Earn Money from Twitter, yes, now you can make money by using Twitter’s new feature called super follows. It is not the only feature Twitter has been introduced today, The company also revealed Twitter Communities that works similar to the like Facebook Groups and announced a safety mode to fight against trolls on the platform.

Today, A well known social media platform, Twitter introducing three new features – Twitter Communities, Super Follows and Safety mode in its Virtual Analyst Day event. Let’s find out what is so special in these new features.

Twitter Communities – share tweets in Communities

Twitter Communities
Twitter Communities – share tweets in Communities

Twitter Communities lets the users to create a group with people who share similar interests. With this feature, you share tweets exclusively with your community members. Twitter communities also has an option to set their own moderation rules, which let the community moderators more control over the kind of content or tweets shared within the community. This feature is currently in development and it is expected to roll out sometime later this year.

Super Follows – Earn money from twitter

Super follow
Super follows – Earn money from twitter

Now, Super follows is the feature through which user can generate revenue from the platform. It will let the users subscribe to exclusive content from other users. The company said, “it will allow creators and publishers to be directly supported by their audience and will incentivise them to continue creating content that their audience loves“.

User who made a subscription for super follow will get a badge on their profile. By super follow anyone, user can access exclusive content from the publisher. It’s expected that Twitter will take a commission out of the amount users pay to Super Follow another account, which will let the company to generate profit.

Safety Mode – fight against trolls

Safety mode
Safety mode – fight against trolls

Safety Mode is a new auto-moderation feature that help community leaders and influencers to fight against trolls on the platform. The company said, “It will let the users to automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter Rules, and mute accounts that might be using insults, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks“. The safety mode features may limit users’ ability to tweet at people for almost seven days and limit their post reach on the platform. 

However, Twitter hasn’t confirmed when these features will be rolled out but some reports suggested that the new features might be available to users later this year.

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