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Best Car Features: You will get comfort in summer without AC, it is better if the car has these features

With the passage of time, the number of features in the car is increasing. Companies are not shying away from splurging on features in newly launched vehicles based on cutting-edge technology. As a result, buyers are confused about which type of feature-packed car will be more profitable to buy. That's why today's report discusses five cutting-edge car features that will make driving easier and provide a different driving experience.

Automatic climate control

Automatic climate control is one of the most popular features in some modern cars. It makes traveling in the heat of summer comfortable. This feature always maintains a certain temperature inside the car. As a result, even if it is very hot outside the car, it is not felt inside.

Ventilated seats

It is natural for passengers to suffer when the car is pressed in hot weather. Especially in the back. Because air cannot reach here. But ventilated seats have shown the way to solve this problem. This arrangement allows air to reach through small holes in the seat. It is not difficult to sit on the seat for a long time in summer.

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Heads-up display

Head-up display is one of the features so that the driver does not have to take his eyes off the road to see any important information while driving. In this system, all the important information such as speed, navigation direction is flashed in front of the eyes on the transparent screen. This reduces the risk to the driver while driving.

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Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS

Safety is paramount while driving. In this case the advanced driver assistance system has no answer. It includes multiple security features. Like – lane assist, speed assist, cruise control etc. In this system, the vehicle's surroundings are known through sensors and cameras. It warns the driver before a possible accident.

Wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity options are a common feature in today's cars. such as Bluetooth. It connects to the smartphone. As a result, navigation, music, phone call and SMS alerts appear on the car display.

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