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Dream of driving abroad? Indian driving license is allowed in these 5 countries

As the saying goes, driving once you fall in love is difficult to remove from the steering wheel. It’s hard to describe the fun that lies in driving them, whether as a two-wheeler or as a four-wheeler, until you actually drive one yourself. This is the reason why for the last few years various companies rent cars or motorcycles to drive in different cities or tourist destinations. It is possible to move around freely even in unfamiliar places if you have a valid driver’s license. But what to do if the matter is beyond the boundaries of India? In this case, we assure you that the license of our country is valid in several countries outside India. Without further delay let’s take a quick look at the names of these countries.

Valid Indian driving license in any country-


In most Bengali films, the audience is fooled by showing images of places called America or London, but Singapore is first. Indian license is fully valid here. There is no objection to this but the license must be in English. However, with this comes the need to make a temporary international license.


Many people want to visit the dream city of Sydney to watch the India-Australia cricket match. And if you go there and express your desire to drive, only an Indian license made in English will work. Whether it is Sydney or New South Wales, Queensland and the southern part of Australia, the car can be driven to your heart’s content.

New Zealand

When talking about Australia, its neighbors New Zealand will not come up again or again!! If you are only 21 years old, you will be allowed to drive in New Zealand with a license issued by the Indian government. In this country, however, the New Zealand government allows a person with an Indian license to drive for a consecutive year.

South Africa

Driving with an Indian license is not very strict in this country either. Only Kellaft can produce your Indian license in English. However, the government of South Africa does not allow driving in any way in the jungles of certain tribes such as the Masaimara or the Serengeti.


Many people want to visit the dream country of Switzerland once in their life. And to drive through the icy roads like a Hindi movie hero, all you need is a valid Indian license and its photocopy.

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