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Delhi Man’s Four-Year Wait for AliExpress Order Ends in Surprise Delivery

Delhi man's four-year wait for an AliExpress order ends in surprise delivery, highlighting the unpredictable nature of online shopping despite the ban. Alternative options like third-party shipping services and VPNs offer possibilities to access banned platforms in India.

Delhi Man's Four-Year Wait for AliExpress

Delhi Man’s Four-Year Wait for AliExpress Order: In a surprising turn of events, a Delhi-based man recently shared an extraordinary anecdote about an online purchase that took four years to reach him. Despite the Indian government’s ban on AliExpress, the popular online marketplace, Nitin Agarwal, a techie from Delhi, finally received the product he had ordered back in 2019. This incident sheds light on the unpredictability of online shopping experiences and serves as a reminder to never lose hope.

The Pre-Covid Era: AliExpress and Indian Techies

AliExpress, once a go-to website for Indian tech enthusiasts, offered affordable electronic products that were otherwise unavailable in India. The platform served as a gateway for Indian consumers to access a wide range of devices from China. However, with the ban on AliExpress and 58 other Chinese apps in June 2020, citing security concerns, the landscape of online shopping underwent significant changes.

A Unique Anecdote of Delayed Delivery

Nitin Agarwal took to social media to express his astonishment and encourage others not to lose hope in their own delayed deliveries. Despite the ban on AliExpress in India, Agarwal’s order finally arrived at his doorstep after an extensive four-year wait. Although he didn’t disclose the details of the product or the reason for the delay, his experience highlights the surprising nature of online shopping.

Agarwal shared his story on Twitter, stating, “Never lose hope! So, I ordered this from AliExpress (now banned in India) back in 2019, and the parcel was delivered today.” His tweet quickly gained traction and resonated with other Twitter users who had similar experiences of long-awaited deliveries.

The Impact of the AliExpress Ban in India

The Indian government’s decision to ban AliExpress and other Chinese apps has posed challenges for Indian consumers who relied on the platform for affordable and unique products. However, despite the ban, there are still alternative methods to order from AliExpress in India.

Third-Party Shipping Services

Some third-party services offer shipping solutions for Indian consumers who wish to purchase products from AliExpress. These services facilitate the delivery process by shipping the ordered items directly to India. Although they may involve additional fees, they provide a viable option for accessing products from the banned platform.

VPNs as a Workaround

Another method used by some individuals is the utilization of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). By masking their IP addresses, users can make it appear as if they are accessing AliExpress from a different country. However, it’s crucial to note that the Indian government discourages the use of VPNs to access banned apps due to potential penalties and risks involved.

In conclusion, Nitin Agarwal’s four-year wait for his AliExpress order showcases the unpredictability of online shopping experiences. Despite the ban on AliExpress in India, his story resonates with individuals who have experienced delays in their own purchases. As the Indian e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, alternative options such as third-party shipping services and VPNs emerge as potential solutions for accessing banned platforms.


Can I still order from AliExpress in India despite the ban?

Yes, there are alternatives available. You can utilize third-party shipping services or use a VPN to access AliExpress. However, be aware of the risks and penalties associated with using VPNs to access banned apps.

Why did the Indian government ban AliExpress?

The Indian government banned AliExpress, along with 58 other Chinese apps, due to security concerns.

Are there any fees involved when using third-party shipping services for AliExpress orders?

Yes, third-party shipping services typically charge a fee for their services. However, these fees vary depending on the specific service provider.

Can I expect my delayed AliExpress orders to be delivered eventually?

While there is no guarantee, Nitin Agarwal’s experience demonstrates that delayed AliExpress orders can still be delivered even after a significant amount of time. It’s advisable to maintain communication with the seller and remain patient.

Rishabh Garg
Rishabh Garg
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