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Clean and lubricate motorcycle chains with this method to reduce the risk of accidents in monsoons

As soon as the rainy day comes, our city is always flooded with rain. Extra care is needed to ride a motorcycle on such water-soaked roads. All bikes these days have open chain setups that require chain cleaning and lubrication every 500-600 km. But this chain needs extra vigilance during rainy season. All the dust and dirt mixed with the road water sticks to the chain and goes to the inner chain sprocket. Even long periods of immersion in water can corrode the areas at the junction of each tooth in the chain. As a result, the life of the chain is reduced. So this report explores simple methods of cleaning and lubricating motorcycle chains during monsoons.

Motorcycle Chain Care in Monsoon

After washing the bike, the rear wheel should be raised slightly by means of a central stand or a padlock stand. In this condition the motorcycle should be properly placed on the ground. It is necessary to have the necessary tools for cleaning the chain at hand before starting work. These include chain cleaner, chain cleaning brush, clean cotton cloth and chain lubricating oil.

Then the rear wheel of the bike should be rotated slowly with the help of one hand. At this time, this chain cleaner should be sprayed lightly on the surface of the chain with the other hand. It should be remembered that this cleaner should be applied completely. Chain cleaners manufactured by various companies are now available in the market. Kerosene oil can be used instead. After spraying the chain cleaner, leave the bike in this condition for a while. As a result, the oily particles in the cleaner can easily spread to the inside of the chain.

Then clean the entire chain with a chain cleaning brush. It can be difficult to complete the entire task in a hurry. It is even better to slowly rotate the rear wheel with one hand while doing this. Doing this with the motorcycle engine running under any circumstances may cause an accident. Clean the entire chain with a cleaning brush. After that, cleaning the chain is complete if you can wipe the entire chain with a clean cloth. At this time the above process may have to be repeated if necessary.

Once the chain is cleaned, it’s time for lubrication. Various chain lubrications made by different companies are available in the market. Choose a brand of your choice and spray it on the outside of the chain first. Then wait a while and spray the inside of the chain. In this case, one thing to keep in mind is that it is better not to ride the motorcycle immediately after the chain lubrication is complete. Rather, the bike should be kept in this condition for a while. If there is excess lubrication anywhere on the chain, wipe it off with a cloth.

90 grade oil is often used for chain lubrication. They have been in use since ages. Usually available for purchase at shops near petrol pumps. This 90 grade oil is much more pocket friendly as compared to the chain lubrication oil available in the market. Another thing to keep in mind is that many people prefer to use petrol to clean the chain. But this is actually harmful to the chain. The “O” shaped ring attached to the junction of the chain is considerably damaged by exposure to petrol.



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