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Center to impose strict order on Jio Airtel: Use 5G or 4G, get this fun

It has been almost a year and a half since Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel launched 5G services in India. Mobile users can already enjoy this new generation network in almost most parts of the country. But even if it is known from which mobile signal, 4G or 5G network is running in the residence or known area, customers cannot understand exactly what service they will get outside. As a result, they have to switch network modes repeatedly, otherwise proper service is not provided. In order to solve this problem keeping in mind the common people, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India i.e. TRAI is going to launch a new facility soon. According to recent reports, the regulatory body may ask telecom companies in the country to publish a map of 4G and 5G coverage for consumers.

According to Economic Times (ET), TRAI is working to improve the ‘Quality of Service’ (QoS) benchmark in the telecom sector in the second quarter of this year (originally April-May 2024). And perhaps this is why they can now ask telecom companies to provide clear information about where 4G, where 5G is available in India. In this, the customers will get transparency in terms of service, besides telecom operators will also become more responsible. It should be noted that once TRA’s new guidelines have been issued in this regard
If issued, it may also ask companies to update any site down.

TRAI also wants to address the problem of call drops

Currently, more than 4 lakh 5G base tower stations (BTS) have been installed across the country. but,
Although the generation of network services has been upgraded, the problem of call drops from India has not gone away, rather it has become a common problem for many users. Many people are complaining that even when one is making a phone call, the receiver at the other end cannot hear the voice.

In that case, TRAI is looking to clearly know the spread of network coverage as well as reduce call drops. It is heard that they may also levy fines from telecom companies if necessary to increase customer satisfaction and maintain QoS standards.

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