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Car Mileage Tips: Car is not giving good mileage? Follow these 5 tips and you will see the magic

Car Mileage Tips: Car is not giving good mileage?  Follow these 5 tips and you will see the magic

If the mileage of the car is high, don’t be happy, it doesn’t seem like there is anyone! Recently, due to the high price of petrol and diesel, many people are giving importance to getting more car mileage. But the daily increasing traffic jam has stood in the way. Also, due to lack of some proper maintenance, car mileage starts to decrease gradually without the driver noticing. Don’t worry, there are several ways to increase mileage. If they are followed properly, the car will start giving mileage like new condition. These tips are given in this report.

Tire pressure

In order to get proper mileage from the car, the basic first thing that needs to be taken care of is that the intake pressure is correct. Many people may not know that if there is less air in the tire, the pressure on the engine is more. As a result, fuel consumption is more. Because if there is less wind, the resistance on the wheels increases when driving on the road. A car can run smoothly if the tires have enough air. In that case the mileage matches well. So it is necessary to check the tire pressure at regular intervals.

Drive slowly

Driving in a hurry requires sudden acceleration and braking. This results in increased fuel consumption. Rather if a certain speed can be maintained on the road the mileage increases automatically. Because in this case there is no need to increase the sudden acceleration and press the brakes. Driving slowly, however, increases mileage and reduces the chance of damage to the car.

Lose excess weight

If you want to increase the mileage of the car, reduce the extra weight. This may include any heavy equipment, extra clothing or play equipment. Try to take as few items as possible while traveling on the road. Lowering the weight of the vehicle will result in lower energy consumption. As a result, fuel consumption will also decrease.

Do regular maintenance

We all know that car gives good mileage if regular maintenance is done. Therefore, the car must be maintained at regular intervals as suggested by the company. Also don’t forget to change the engine oil, air filter. Clean air filters and properly lubricated engines are especially helpful in increasing vehicle mileage.

Avoid using AC in the car

There is no denying that not running the AC in the car during the summer heat is a burden. But do you know that the air condition causes pressure on the car engine? As a result, more fuel is burned. Use air conditioning wisely to get better mileage. Alternatively, keeping the windows open or using a ventilation system will provide some relief.


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