Home News automobile Car AC Tips: Cooler air will come out of the car AC, magic in these 5 tips!

Car AC Tips: Cooler air will come out of the car AC, magic in these 5 tips!

Car AC Tips: Cooler air will come out of the car AC, magic in these 5 tips!

The balmy spring weather has come to an end as the scorching summer has begun in various parts of the country. Many people have started running air conditioner or AC at home to escape from the uncomfortable heat of the scorching sun. Besides, after a long period of accumulation of dust in the AC of the car, it has become operational this time. The AC of the house has been serviced. But lack of awareness is often seen when it comes to car AC servicing. As a result, there are many disturbances in the AC of the car in this severe heat. Do you know how to get rid of it? Here are some of his tips in this report.

Park the car by looking at the shade

As the saying goes, it is better to develop an immune system than to cure a disease by treating it. Although this word is compatible with human health, it is also used for cars. In this case, if the disease is the heat generated in the car cabin, then the only way to cure it is to keep the car cool. The temperature of the car cabin should not be allowed to rise in this unbearable heat. So try to park the car in the shade of trees or any shade. It will not overheat the interior. As a result, the pressure on the AC will be less.

Clean the filter

It is important to keep the AC filter of the car clean like the house. So definitely clean it every few weeks. If you can’t do it yourself, go to a mechanic. Dust comes and collects in the filter. Which prevents the AC from cooling. So it is important to keep the filter clean. Usually the AC filter is located behind the glovebox. So it can be opened easily. If the AC filter is excessively dusty, it is advisable to replace it.

Run the AC slowly

As a result of not being able to bear excessive heat, there is a tendency to run the AC of the car in many people. But this is not the correct method. Instead, turn down the AC and keep the windows slightly open. It will allow the hot air inside to come out. Then you can increase the AC blower speed. These tips are age old when it comes to AC, but are still equally effective today.

Run the AC regularly

Turn on the car’s AC every day, even for a short while. Modern car ACs have temperature control technology, so it is not always necessary to use cool mode. Running the AC daily keeps the components active. So if any error occurs, it can be corrected in a short time.

Check and get the AC serviced

Just as we regularly service the AC of the house, in the case of the AC of the car, we should not show a careless attitude. Regular maintenance keeps the performance of the AC constant. Those who run the AC every day need to change the filter. But it is important to check the AC of the car during the day. Take it to an AC technician.


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