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Best Looks, Best in Features, 5 Things You Must Know About the Newly Launched Hero XPulse 200 4V

Hero MotoCorp brought a bike named Impulse to India almost a decade ago. It did not achieve the desired success at that time due to various reasons. Then in 2019 Hero made its debut XPulse 200. Right after the lockdown, the demand for dual purpose motorcycles started to rise as the trend of weekend getaways increased. Later the four valve (4V) version of the bike came in the market to keep the popularity intact. Then the Rally edition of the bike also became a super hit. Hero recently launched the updated version of XPulse 200 4V in India. Several innovations will be seen in it. Let’s take a look at five facts about this adventure bike.

2023 Hero XPulse 200 4V: Pro Variant

The biggest change in the new model is the introduction of a more hard-core Pro variant. Compared to the standard version, the new Pro variant has front and rear suspension that the rider can adjust to his own preference. It is 250 mm and 220 mm long respectively. Thanks to the new suspension, the Expulse 2004V Pro has a ground clearance of 270mm and seat height of 850mm. The bike will be fitted with a slightly larger side stand to increase the ground clearance. The Pro model also features extra large gear levers and handlebar risers.

2023 Hero XPulse 200 4V: Color Scheme

Dual tone paint scheme is available on Expuls 2004V. It will be available in three dual-tone colors: Matte Nexus Blue, Techno Blue and Black Sports Red. The As Pro variant gets the Rally Edition graphics paint scheme.

2023 Hero XPulse 200 4V: Additional Features

Instead of the previously used LED headlamps, projector headlights will now be used on this Hero adventure bike. It also has a new type of LED DRL. The manufacturer claims that the light of this headlamp is up to 230 percent higher than before. The location of the USB port has also changed slightly. Earlier it was attached under the seat which made it a little difficult to use. To solve this problem, this new USB port is installed under the instrument cluster.

Moreover, several changes will be seen in the instrument console. A new type of switch gear has been used in this bike. In addition, the new model has a slightly higher windscreen and knuckle guard to control the speed of the front wind.

2023 Hero XPulse 200 4V: ABS Mod

As a major update, X Pulse 2004V has added hero three ABS modes. These three modes are – Road, Off-Road and Rally. In the first mode, the ABS will be properly tuned for driving on completely dry roads. In off-road mode the use of ABS will be greatly reduced. But in rally mode the ABS will stop working completely. However, one thing should be kept in mind this time too but the single channel ABS remains unchanged in the new edition as well.

2023 Hero XPulse 200 4V: Price

The ex-showroom price of the base variant of the Hero Expulse 2004V launched this year is Tk 1,43,516. However, buying the Pro variant with additional features will cost Rs 1,50,891 (ex-showroom).

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