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Any special updates, L Channel features on Instagram can be shared with followers

Channel feature is very useful to meet different needs of Telegram users. And perhaps in line with this, recently WhatsApp has also started working vigorously to bring the channel feature to its platform. But before the instant messaging platform, Instagram, another popular social networking medium owned by Meta, added this option. Yes, Instagram recently started rolling out the ‘Broadcast Channels’ feature globally. This new feature will allow users to create a separate channel to exclusively share all official announcements and updates with followers. This will make the platform more attractive.

Instagram Channel will work like Telegram

Incidentally, the facility of creating channels on Instagram is not completely new. The feature first launched in the US last February, and now it’s reaching more people. This feature will work like a Telegram channel, where only the channel owner can send messages, but no one else will be able to reply except by reacting with emojis.

Instagram broadcast channel feature is mainly for creators or artists, so that they can share updates about various topics with followers. However, any company or ordinary user with more followers can create their own Instagram broadcast channel. Channel creators can share images, videos, voice notes and even polls to get public feedback. According to Meta’s blog post, once a creator creates a broadcast channel and sends the first message from the Instagram inbox, their followers will receive a notification to join the channel.

How to create Instagram Channel?

1. The process of creating a broadcast channel on Instagram is very simple. For this you need to first update the app to the latest version and then open it.

2. Now open the DM or direct message option by tapping on the message icon in the upper right corner or by swiping from right to left on the screen.

3. Now select the ‘Create’ button in the upper right corner and the specific option to create a broadcast channel will appear in front of you.

4. In the next step you have to name the channel and confirm whether to show its information on the profile page and choose the ‘Create Broadcast Channel’ option. By doing this, your channel will be created.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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