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iOS 14 Home Screen Concept looks Superb -Naxon Tech

iOS 14 Home Screen

Apple’s WWDC 2020 is delivering soon, iOS users are eagerly waiting for the first look of iOS 14. iOS 14 Home Screen is going to have a couple of new features to the iPhones, including a fresh UI for widgets. The below concept video shows the perfect implementation of the widgets on the home screen.

The popular content creator and concept creator, Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin), recently shared the concept video on TwitterOriginally created by concept designer, Aleksey Bondarev, the video (below) exists on Dribbble and has received numerous positive feedback from netizens.

As the concept clearly shows how iPhone users can easily convert an app icon on the home screen into a widget. In the video, we can see the user haptic touching icons of apps like Airbnb, Weather, Instagram, Compass, and more and convert them into live widgets with a dynamic UI.

It also shows that the widgets can be of different shapes and sizes ranging from horizontal or vertical rectangles to the classic square. Apple hasn’t updated the home screen of iOS in a very long time. With the dynamic UI and widgets on the home screen, the iPhone (in the video) looks like a whole new device.

Although this concept video is quite short, highlighting just this one feature, however, in previous concept videos, we have not seen this kind of implementation of the widgets. Now, if Apple brings this feature with iOS 14, then it will surely give a fresh look to the new iPhone home screen.

Apple WWDC 2020 program will take on an entirely new online format packed with content for consumers, press, and developers alike. This program will provide Apple’s entire global developer community — which now includes more than 23 million registered developers in more than 155 countries and regions — and the next generation of app developers with the insights and tools needed to turn their ideas into a reality.

The online event will be an opportunity for millions of creative and innovative developers to get early access to the future of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, and engage with Apple engineers as they work to build app experiences that enrich the lives of Apple customers around the globe.I am pretty sure you are also excited for WWDC 2020 program as I am.

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