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Boost your Android performance with these Advanced Tricks in 2020

Boost your Android Performance with some tricks and some of these tricks are simple and we know but we ignore these tricks thinking like “how much difference does it make” and some of the tricks are advance and you may not know about these tricks but they are effective and I advise you to not use any kind of GPU Booster or CPU Booster Application because they effect Smartphone’s Performance.

1. Play Games on Default settings

Many of you like to play games on High Settings for the better graphic experience but did you know when you set the graphic performance of games at high setting it heats your smartphone which causes lags and frame drops in games. it also gives more load to the CPU and GPU of your phone which affects your phone battery performance, So I suggest you play games on Default settings.

2. Don’t Overclock CPU

There is much third-party application in play store which overclocks your CPU or GPU for some time which improves your phone performance but you know the downside of these apps. when you use these apps its try to boost CPU speed but at the same time it causes more heat that will not only increase phone temperature but downgrade your phone CPU performance for future use.

3. Don’t Use GFX Tool

Many Gamers like to play games like PUBG uses GFX tool in their phone to improve frame rates and graphic quality of the game. I recommend you never use these apps to boost game performance because it gives more load to the GPU to render game content faster which causes over-frame drops and lagging in the game after just a couple of minutes. Using this type of tools is one of the major reason which downgrades phone performance in the future. These apps also lead you to ban from the game

4. Remove unwanted Apps form your phone

Everyone like to download the new app and discover its unique features but after some time we get bored or even don’t open these apps for months at this time some apps running in the background continuously without any reason which affects phone performance. so i suggest you to uninstall these unwanted apps and you will get better performance as well as more storage

5. Disable unwanted In-built application

When you purchased a new phone many of you got In-built application services or already installed third-party applications. Everyone doesn’t like to use these services but these apps running in the background which affects phone performance. So it is better to disable or force stop these Apps

6. Never use your phone while Charging

Many of you use your phone while charging which not only affects battery performance but overall phone performance too. So it is a better choice to use your phone when the phone is fully charged.

7. Don’t Use live wallpaper Application

Live wallpaper apps look cool but at the same time, it also affects phone performance and battery performance too. when you set live wallpaper app and open any other application live wallpaper continuously running in the background services of your phone and degrade phone performance. so it’s better choice to use normal wallpaper rather than live wallpaper

8. Using different Launcher Apps

There are many launchers available on Playstore. Using these launchers also affect phone performance. These launcher apps also have some privacy-related issues so using of default launcher is a much better choice

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