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Android 11 beta Unexpectedly rolled out Early to some Pixel Users

Android 11

Pixel Users got an Android 11 beta update before its official Announcement. Google canceled its event because of protest in the US which is scheduled on June 3. Yesterday many pixel users got June security patch updates and mistakenly Google rolled out an Android 11 beta update too for some pixel Users.

Android 11 beta version Update

XDA Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) received some message from Pixel users that they got an Update for Android 11 which is around 736 MB. This update received by two Pixel 4 XL users carried the build number of RPB1.200504.018.

Android 11 beta Unexpectedly rolled out Early to some Pixel Users

In this update google already cleared that “pre-release version of this update may contain some errors and defects that can affect the normal functioning of your device”. There are some new features too in this update which are observed by pixel users. You will get three new icon shape which is Icon shape vessel, Icon Shape Tapered Rect, and the Icon shape pebble.

A new major update in Android 11 is that when users long-press the power button a new menu appears called the Quick Control that allows users to control smart home devices and more which is very helpful for those who want to control Smart home from their smartphone phone.

Another big update is that it allows users to control app suggestions from the pixel launcher. Google will suggest you bunch of apps that you will open next appears on the bottom screen.

Earlier Users have to go on the Pixel website to join the Android 11 beta, Choose their device, download the file and install it. We don’t recommend this because when users joined Android 11 beta there is some major problem faced by them. If they want to move back to the previous Android version, they will have to reset their smartphone.

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