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10 tips to become famous on Instagram, learn here

Along with photo sharing on the Instagram platform, the trend of making reels has also increased a lot these days. If you are also new to Instagram platform. So learn the tips to dominate this platform…


Along with photo sharing on the Instagram platform, the trend of making reels has also increased a lot these days. If you are also new to Instagram platform. If you want to become famous on this platform, then in this post we are going to tell you some such tips, with the help of which your followers will also increase and you will also become quite famous. Come, let us know in detail all the tips ahead.

10 Tips to become famous on Instagram

  • Create account with Facebook
  • Optimize Instagram Profile
  • Upload Quality Photo
  • Use Hashtags
  • Like others on Instagram
  • Location
  • trending topics
  • post daily on instagram
  • Engagement is essential
  • Promote

Create account with Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, then you can create an Insta account from Facebook itself. The advantage of this will be that your Facebook friends who are on Instagram will know that you have created an Instagram account and it is possible that they will start following you.

Optimize Instagram Profile

After the account is created or your already created account, you have to optimize first. You go to your Instagram account and click on your profile. After that click on edit profile. Here all the information related to your account will be there. The information which you have not given, give that information as much as possible like email, bio, name and everything. Choose a friendly username that is simple and related to your name. Also read: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account is being used by someone else? You can find out like this…

Upload Quality Photo

Whatever photo you upload, its quality should be very good. Do not use excessive editing and filters, this will reduce the quality of your photo.

Use Hashtags

Whatever you post, you must add # to it like #Diwali #Travel #fashion means whatever your photo is related to. You will get this option while uploading the photo. Whatever photo you upload, if it is related to any trending topic, then definitely upload the trending topic related to it. Maybe your post will go viral and you will get followers and likes.

Like others on Instagram

You write to other people on Instagram and comment on their posts. This will happen that instagram will think that you know each other and whenever you post your post will also reach that person and he will like you and if he likes your post then he can also follow you.

10 tips to become famous on Instagram, learn here


Whenever you post, you must write Local Location. With this, Instagram will make your post viral to all users active on your location and you will get good likes.

trending topics

It would be good if the topic is trending. For example, if there is a festival, then you upload a photo related to it. Use the perfect #hashtags to target trending topics with them.

post daily on instagram

It is important that you stay active on Instagram everyday. Post daily. If you do not post for a long time, then Instagram will not make your post viral. Set a time to post.

Engagement is essential

It is important that you maintain the engagement of Instagram Account. If the engagement of your account ends, then your followers and likes will also start falling. To keep Instagram account engaged, you should use Instagram regularly.


If you use facebook, twitter, snapchat, youtube or other social media then you can promote your instagram account on these platforms as well. You can tell people that you are on Instagram by posting on facebook, twitter, snapchat, youtube or other social media. You can request people to follow you in the post. If there is any other way of promotion, you can use that also.Also read: How to write YouTube comments in bold, italic and strikethrough format, learn here

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Rishabh Garg
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