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The Best Safety Features and Tips for Your Old Car

The automobile industry has been growing so fast in the world. The changes in this industry are visible evidently. But while every car manufacturer offers new models now and then, the old cars are still not out of the market.

Moreover, people are more keen on buying old cars due to the growing price of the new models. However, it would be best if you never compromise on your car’s safety features and maintenance. While the safety features will keep you safe on the road, following the maintenance tips will keep your car safe.

So, let’s discuss the old car’s safety features and maintenance tips. Let’s start!

What Are Car’s Safety Features?

A car’s safety features refer to the features that help a car reduce the chances of possible collisions on the road. The installment of the safety features like seat belts, forward collision alerts, etc., have reduced the chances of a car crash by 49%.

Safety Features of Old Cars

While the crumple zones, adaptive cruise control and anti-lock brakes are considered the most prominent safety features, the old cars are equipped with some evident safety features. So, let’s discuss some safety features of old cars.

1. Airbags

Airbags are among one of the most famous safety features in all cars. It has been mandatory in all cars since 1999. The federal mandate for airbags sticks to the front seats. But various car manufacturers continue to build additional airbags to provide more safety. For example, Toyota Camry is equipped with ten airbags.

So, whenever you try to buy second-hand cars on CARS24, check the number of airbags in the car.

2. Safety Belts

Since safety is mandatory while driving the car, seatbelts are the first thing that comes to mind. Installing safety belts has been mandatory since 1968. While installing safety belts required a United States Supreme Court ruling, every car manufacturer now offers seat belts for every seating position.

Unfortunately, one in ten drivers used a seatbelt till 2004, complaining that it felt uncomfortable even over the garments. But later, the cars came with more comfortable seat belts, which have now become mandatory for all drivers and the front passenger while driving.

3. Lower Anchors and Tethers (for Children)

Since its installation in passenger cars in 2002, lower anchors and tethers, or LATCH, have been considered a giant leap for the child’s safety. Now LATCH has become the standard, which is followed to install child safety seats in cars.

LATCH can create a more secure platform for safety seats. Also, its easy installation encourages new parents to install child safety seats in their cars.

4. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The tire pressure monitoring system has been a safety feature since 2007. Passenger cars, vans, and light trucks all have a tire pressure monitoring system. The main job of TPMS is to warn you whenever the tire is low on pressure. Moreover, some tire pressure monitoring systems display the current pressure in every tire.

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Maintenance Tips for Old Cars

The popularity of new cars never goes unnoticed. But since the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand and supply of second-hand cars have increased quickly. The popularity of the old car is so much that even the entry of new models in the car market has not been able to take away the demand for the old cars.

But while purchasing old cars is a good option, it comes with some added responsibilities. One of them is to maintain it properly. So, here are some maintenance tips you can follow to keep your old car in the right shape.

1. Focus on The Tires

Tires are one of the most important things to consider when the car’s maintenance comes into the picture. A poorly maintained tire can lead a car to an accident. A car in which the tires are underinflated by more than 25% is more prone to collision than the other cars. According to data, around 660 deaths and 33000 injuries occur on the highways due to the poor maintenance of the car’s tires.

So, always keep noticing the tires in your car before going out of the home. Keep the tire gauge all time with you to check the air pressure. Notice if the tires of the car are rotating properly. If they are not, change the tire immediately.

2. Change The Hoses and Belts

Just like a car’s value depreciates over time, the same happens to its other parts. Their qualities deteriorate over time. So, check your car’s belts and hoses when you have a little time.

We suggest you take the car to a reliable mechanic at least once a month, and when you let them check your car, ask them to check the belts and hoses as well. Usually, they remove the belts to get to the timing belt. So, asking them to install new belts in your car is better. The installation price is low, so you would not need to worry about that. Moreover, if possible, check the current condition of the belts and hoses of the existing second-hand cars on CARS24.

3. Maintain The Cooling System

A car’s engine is its driving force, providing great performance on the road. So, maintaining the engine is the first thing you should think about. So, we suggest you keep your car’s coolant level full. It helps to keep the car’s engine cool during summer and prevent the same from freezing during winter.

Moreover, it can prevent foams, corrosion, etc., all responsible for helping your car perform well.

4. Maintain The Windshield Wipers

While maintaining the car’s engine, its tires are of utmost importance, making it capable enough to keep you and the passengers safe is also important. The most important thing for a safe driver is to keep their windshield wipers safe because it is a clear invitation to danger if you cannot see the road.

Most drivers do not consider changing the windshield wipers. But It alone has been the reason for numerous car accidents, and the best thing is changing the windshield is pocket friendly. So, whenever you drive your car, check the windshield wipers and see if it moves if you want to save yourself from troubles in the future.

5. Take Care of The Battery

Whenever you leave your house in a car, have you ever considered checking the car’s battery? Well, if you have not, then start doing it now. Observe your car’s battery cables and do the same for the connections. Ensure to clean the corrosion and rust from the battery terminals. Mixing baking soda with water and anti-corrosion chemicals can clean your car’s battery.

6. Notice The Steering System

Any existing problem in the steering system or suspension problem causes both problems in the steering and wear and tear in the tires. So, if you want to avoid such problems, ensure the steering fluid is replaced and if possible, let a professional inspect it.

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Old cars are prone to a lot of wear and tear. That is why they also require much more maintenance than you can imagine. While being an old car owner, it is your responsibility to keep your car’s safety features in check and your responsibility to keep it under regular maintenance. These two things can provide you with great performance.

Rishabh Garg
Rishabh Garg
Rishabh writes about the latest technology news for Naxon Tech


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