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ZTE SeT-Top Box with Wi-Fi 6 support Launched in China

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ZTE SeT-Top box with model number – ZTE ZXV10 B860AV6 revealed in the Home Town China with Wi-Fi 6 support as well. The new Wi-Fi 6 technology provide seamless connectivity along with high and stable internet speeds.

ZTE SeT-Top Box Specifications and Features

ZTE Set-Top box comes in a square shape box and in a sole black color option with ZTE branding at the top. The company also shared that the set-top box also won the 2019 iF design award. The new ZTE box also offers three-in-one solution, it also offers a router, gigabit gateway and set-top box as well.

As this set-top box is 802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6 ready it has numerous advantage over the previous wi-fi technology. It has high bandwidth, multiple access, and low latency. With this new technology ZTE set-top box offers ultra-high-definition video, lagfree gaming experience, and high-end applications as well.

Moreover, the new Set-Top box also comes with Wi-Fi 6 Transmission QoS solution support along with Smart Networking Solution support for the whole home. The company claimed that it is designed to provide seamless viewing experience to the users.

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ZTE SeT-Top Box with Wi-Fi 6 support Launched in China
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