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Zelio Ebikes brings a new scooter with beautiful looks and advanced technology, mileage will be 100 km!

The number of electric vehicles is increasing by leaps and bounds in the country. Nowadays, when you go out on the road, you can see noiseless and smokeless cars. Most of which are battery operated scooties. As pollution is being controlled, fuel consumption is also being saved. Jellio ebikes, a well-known name in the world of EV two-wheelers, has announced the launch of one such electric scooter in India.

Zelio ebikes to launch new electric scooter in July

The name or launch date of the new e-scooter from Zelio eBikes is yet to be announced. But it is confirmed to debut this month itself. It is coming as the company's fourteenth model in the country's market. The car is being manufactured in India under the Made in India slogan.

Jellio ebikes said that the new model will be dominated by performance as well as design. We can't say much about the looks right now, as we haven't revealed anything other than a picture of the headlights. However, the company confirmed three important things. One is range and the other two are speed and load capacity.

The upcoming electric scooter is claimed to be able to run 100 km on a full charge. Which is assumed to be the certified range. ie actual mileage may vary. It can be driven at a maximum speed of 70 km per hour. A total of 180 kg of goods can be loaded in it.

Kunal Arya, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Zelio eBikes said, “Building on the success of the low-speed scooter, we are thrilled to bring high-speed electric scooters to the Indian market. This launch is a big step towards transforming urban mobility. Blending cutting-edge technology and beautiful design, our new high-speed scooter will redefine the ride and set a new benchmark in the EV two-wheeler segment.”

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