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10 Creative YouTube Video Ideas You Should Use In 2021

YouTube videos are one of the most popular forms of content that have been consumed at the same rate over the past years. In an era where the short form of content is much more appreciated, YouTube videos still stand upfront and bold. The main reason for this may be its moderation between the long and short forms of content.

10 Creative YouTube Video Ideas You Should Use In 2021

Another reason to add to the list can be the creativity that is involved in each video. YouTube videos are appreciated for their creativity, and if you want to make a video that goes viral or touches the mark, you should know the top creative ideas that are being used vividly in the year 2021.

Here is a list of 10 Creative YouTube Video Ideas to help you create compelling, creative, and impressive videos in 2021

1. Videos that explain and not just narrate.

You can start by making videos that are based on the explanation of some product or service. Many videos describe the products, but so does the user manual. So, what makes them any different?

Try to be that difference. For example, create videos where you explain to people the insides of the product and not just give an aimless description. Depending on your perspective, try to explain why buying that would be a good idea or a bad one.

2. Try on the products and share the reviews

You can try on the different products and services and then share your valuable reviews on the same. People are always keen to know how a particular product or service acts when used by a real individual.

That makes review videos an instant hit like one or the other is always in need of it. You can also make these videos professional-looking by using YouTube video editors like Invideo. It is an online and completely free platform that provides you with tools that help you in creating impressive videos. You can as well work individually and as a team as per your requirements.

3. React to the act

There might be several new songs, viral videos, or just instances that people want a reaction to. Recognize what would draw their attention and then act accordingly, or better say, react. People love reaction videos as they are funny and light. However, it is not a serious form of content that needs effort and time and thus, is easy to consume.

Again, you can use video editing tools here to adjust the size and location of your reaction and the videos in the frame. Furthermore, Invideo provides wonderful tools and even gives you an option to auto-generate the subtitles, which makes your videos more diverse.

4. The granny kind of bond

One thing that people love the most is stories. Stories about the past, about an instance, or simply about a situation. Stories are one of the most engaging content online. They are always keen to be a part of the story.

So, if some instance in your life can be penned and framed into a story, it is worth being part of a video. If you want to make a voice-over video, then invideo will help with that. There is an easy option for you to add different sound effects and voice-overs to your videos.

5. Take your audience on the adventure

If you travel or visit a new place or something that may be a focal point of attraction for people, then vlog it. Take videos and show your audience the place from your perspective. Tag them along. Travel vlogs gain a lot of recognition as people always look out for reviews and views about a place before planning their trips. If you love food, you can take videos and compile them together with Invideo to produce professional food vlogs.

6. Make them a family

People watch when they relate. And for them to relate with you, you need to make them a part of your journey. Answer the questions that your audience asks you and clear the fundamental doubts. You can, of course, be personal to the extent that you would like, but a Q&A video will always bring you a good response rate.

7. Motivate, don’t hesitate

Don’t hold yourself back if you have some ideas that might motivate a community of people for good. You can make videos to inspire people or simply motivate them by instances you were a part of at any time. People generally seek online advice when they feel lost or strangled, and motivation videos are beneficial to them in such cases. They can even listen to it as a podcast while they are busy with their everyday work.

8. Tell them what’s next

Make a list of movies, songs, or books of different genres. Then, you can suggest what they can watch, listen or read next. It is helpful for people who want to watch or read something but don’t know where to start. Your videos can be beneficial to such people.

9. DIY

DIY is famous all over the internet. People love the idea of recycling things. It saves them some money and also gives them something to enjoy. The initial cost of such videos won’t be too high as you will also recycle something already available at your place. You are just upgrading the pre-existing things.

10. Be the friend that people need

Often people run to their friends for advice or tips when they run into a problem. You can be that virtual friend to them. You can give advice and tips on the subjects that people might be looking into. These videos can be about self-care, self-love, or anything that might be relevant to your area of interest.

Here are the ten creative YouTube video ideas that you can try in 2021. All of these viral trends can further be divided into subcategories. But these are the basics that will help you a long way and help you figure out your hidden potential and interests. There is a lot more than you can explore, depending on what you like.

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