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YouTube shopping network to start soon to rival Amazon and other e-commerce giants

YouTube shopping network
YouTube shopping network

Youtube shopping network to start soon that will allow viewers to purchase products directly from videos. According to the XDA developers report, Youtube started integrating some features using which users able to purchase after or in between watching the video depending on the creator.

Some Youtube creators are already testing those features and tools on the Google-based streaming platform that allow creators to tag products in videos on which product video is based on. These features/tools will ease the purchase of the product for viewers as they can purchase the product right there.

As per the report, In addition to the company’s own tools Google is also testing ways to integrate Shopify ( turkey based e-commerce website ) into its platform. YouTube already tested Shopify integration last year and allowed some creators to list as many as 12 items for sale on a digital carousel below their videos.

Youtuber creators will get benefits by selling products through new tools apart from adsense. YouTube just thought about converting the platform into a product buying destination for a while, but not executed right now. Due to this pandemic users are more dependent on e-commerce for purchasing the product instead of going to the store. So it might be the opportunity for Youtube to make the most of it.

Youtube already integrated Youtube shorts to the Youtube App, youtube short is a short video platform like TikTok. Google already take the advantage of TikTok ban in India and might be the streaming platform is also thinking of taking the advantage of pandemic. Due to the convenience, users will take advantage of this Youtube Shopping Network.

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