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Waiting to buy iPhone 15 Pro Max? Find out how much money you have to spend

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 series will likely hit the global market by September as per the company’s custom. The lineup will include the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models just like the previous generation. Various reports have already suggested that the upcoming lineup of devices will come with multiple upgrades. They will have improved processors, camera systems, new features and most notably a USB Type-C port. Until now, Apple iPhones used the company’s own Lightning port for charging. However, the new European Union (EU) policy has mandated Type-C port on all handsets, including the iPhone. And now an Apple analyst has revealed some important information about the prices of the upcoming iPhone Pro models. According to him, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be launched in the market at a higher price than its predecessor, the 14 Pro Max. Let’s get into this in detail.

The price of iPhone 15 Pro Max may increase compared to the previous generation

According to Jeff Pu, technology analyst at Haitong International Securities, the higher-end of the two upcoming Pro models in the Apple iPhone 15 series, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is likely to be priced at the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s current starting price of $1,099 (approx. Rs. 1,39 in India). 900) will be more than Rs. Although the exact reason for this price increase has not been specified, it is speculated that the improved features of the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be the reason for its price increase.

Notably, the device will reportedly come with a periscope lens, which is a significant upgrade over the 3x zoom capability found on the 14 Pro Max. This periscope lens will offer 5x to 6x optical zoom capabilities, enabling users to capture more dynamic and high-quality photography.

Note that, in a periscope lens system, the primary lens typically captures the image and then reflects the light through an angled mirror or prism at 90 degrees to a secondary lens that directs it to the image sensor. The system will require additional space inside the smartphone due to its placement alongside the image sensor and secondary lens, which could increase the manufacturing cost of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. And because of this, the price of iPhone 15 Pro Max may increase.

Also according to Jeff Pu, mass production of the iPhone 15 series is expected to begin in August, in line with Apple’s normal launch schedule. This indicates that the lineup could be officially launched in September. He also said that Apple will produce around 84 million or 8.4 crore units of the iPhone 15 series in the second half of this year, with the Pro models expected to be the most in-demand devices in the first months after their launch.

Notably, speculation surrounding the iPhone 15 series suggests that all four iPhone models, including the Pro Max variant, will feature a USB-C port, Dynamic Island, and a slightly more curved frame. In addition, the Pro models are said to offer twelve additional features and numerous upgrades.

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