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Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology revealed

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology revealed

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology has been revealed, it enables the user to charge multiple devices at the same time at long-range up to a maximum power of 5W (per device) without the need of any wireless charging stand. It is also believed that it will be capable to charge other small appliances in the homes like speakers and desk lamps. 

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology, How it works?

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology

The Chinese tech firm is all set to launch its Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology in the market very soon. Today, Xiaomi posted a new video on its official Weibo channel in which they demonstrate the true wireless technology. As per the video, The Chinese tech company used a special self-developed tower/box-like gadget that utilizes beamforming tech to send millimetre signals directly to a device then, these signals are converted to electric power that charges the device.

The company noted that the tower comes with 5 phase-detection antennas that help it locate the position of a smartphone (or compatible device) in a room in milliseconds. Plus, It also includes 144 beamforming antennas that transmit millimetre signals.

Xiaomi uses Mi 11 to demonstrate its Mi Air Charge Technology which is packed with two smaller size antenna arrays similar to the ones in the charging device. The beacon array communicates with the charging tower while the other one is the receiving antenna array that converts millimetre waves into electric power by a special circuit and used to charge the device.

Additionally, The Chinese tech company officials said they have the plan to expand its Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology to the wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers in the future. 

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