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Xiaomi India CEO’s Reacts to Jio Phone Cutting Video, said “JohnWick of Smartphones”

Xiaomi India CEO, Manu Kumar Jain, reacts to a viral video of a Jio Phone being cut in half, dubbing it the "JohnWick of smartphones." Jain cautions against attempting similar acts due to safety risks and potential phone malfunctions.

Jio Phone Cutting Video

Jio Phone Cutting Video: The CEO of Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain, took to Twitter to share his reaction to a video that went viral. The video, posted by a Twitter user showcased an unusual act of cutting a Jio Feature phone in half. Surprisingly, the phone continued to work even after being severed. With over 1 million views on Twitter, the video caught the attention of Manu Kumar Jain, who drew an interesting analogy, referring to the Jio Phone as the “JohnWick of smartphones.”

Xiaomi India CEO’s Reaction

Upon watching the intriguing video, Manu Kumar Jain retweeted it, expressing his amazement. He likened the resilience of the Jio Phone to the iconic action hero, John Wick, known for his indomitable spirit and ability to withstand challenges. Manu Kumar Jain’s tweet read, “JohnWick of smartphones” in reference to the Jio Phone. However, he also issued a cautionary statement, urging people not to attempt such acts themselves, as it could potentially lead to phone malfunction and even fire hazards.

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Manu Kumar Jain’s Perspective on Jio Phone Cutting Video

Jio Phone Cutting Video
Jio Phone Cutting Video

Having been closely associated with the tech industry and witnessing numerous phone unboxings throughout his career, Manu Kumar Jain confessed that he had never come across anything as extraordinary as the Jio Phone’s resilience. His statement not only highlights his astonishment but also establishes his expertise and authority in the field. As the CEO of Xiaomi India, his opinion carries weight and garners attention from technology enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

Safety Precautions

While the video of the Jio Phone being cut in half without losing functionality amazed many, it is crucial to emphasize that attempting such experiments can be highly dangerous. Manu Kumar Jain’s tweet serves as a reminder to prioritize safety and avoid engaging in activities that may result in phone malfunctions, fires, or other hazards. His plea, “But please do NOT attempt this. Phone could burst & lead to fire” reinforces the importance of responsible use of smartphones and discourages individuals from replicating potentially harmful acts.

Conclusion – Jio Phone Cutting Video

The video shared by Twitter user Sagar AKA @sagarcasm, where he cut a Jio Feature phone in half without affecting its functionality, caught the attention of Xiaomi India’s CEO, Manu Kumar Jain. Jain’s tweet referring to the Jio Phone as the “JohnWick of smartphones” not only showcases his creativity but also establishes his expertise in the industry. However, he also urged caution, emphasizing the potential dangers of attempting such acts and stressing the importance of responsible smartphone use.


Q: What was the video about?

A: The video showed a Jio Feature phone being cut in half intentionally, while still maintaining its functionality.

Q: What was Manu Kumar Jain’s reaction to the video?

A: Manu Kumar Jain, the CEO of Xiaomi India, retweeted the video and referred to the Jio Phone as the “JohnWick of smartphones.”

Q: Why did Manu Kumar Jain caution against attempting such acts?

A: Manu Kumar Jain warned that cutting or tampering with phones can lead to malfunctions, fire hazards, and other safety risks.

Q: What does Manu Kumar Jain’s reaction signify?

A: Manu Kumar Jain’s reaction highlights the exceptional resilience of the Jio Phone and the astonishment it evoked within the tech industry.

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