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Xiaomi 120W fast charger launch soon spotted on 3C Certification website

Xiaomi 120W fast charger

Xiaomi is secretly planning to launch the World’s first Xiaomi 120W fast charger by the end of this year. Recently a new 120 W fast charger by Xiaomi spotted on the 3C Certification website. According to reports, it could charge 4000 mah battery from 0% to 100% in just 17 minutes.

Xiaomi 120W fast charger

Earlier, Xiaomi 120 W fast charger leaked online in a video, now it spotted on 3C certification confirmed some of its key specifications. The charger in the video and 3C certification shows its model number MDY-12-ED, it comes with a maximum power output of 120W, delivered at 20V. The 3C certification has not confirmed, which device of Xiaomi will launch with the insanely fast 120 W charger.

Xiaomi 120w fast charger
Source: Weiobo/WHYLAB

It is expected that the upcoming mi mix line up could launch with Xiaomi 120W fast charger. According to the latest report, It includes 9-fold charge protection along with a high-voltage charge pump. Out of these, the 2-fold protection is for the battery, whereas the 7-fold protection is for the motherboard. It is rumored that the Xiaomi will use 120 W charger technology to speed up the charging of its Notebooks series too.

Xiaomi already teased its 100 W charger at the Xiaomi Developer Conference in China. The company demoed the crazy charging speeds called supercharge turbo. What’re your views on Xiaomi super fast 120W charger, Let me know in the comment section.

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