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Without AC, the car will feel cold inside, these simple tips will make you feel comfortable

On the one hand, when a new cyclone has formed in the Arabian Sea, a cyclone is moving towards Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal. Due to the combination of these two, Delhi’s Mausam Bhavan has issued a heat wave warning in most of the states of India. From West Bengal to Delhi or Tamil Nadu, the picture is the same everywhere. Thanks to the grace of the sun, the temperature in most parts of the country touches 40! Somewhere passed 40 a few days ago. In order to live in this terrible heat wave, even though AC is sold at a record rate in Kolkata, it is natural that common people have to go out for work. But how to keep the interior of your car cool? If there is no air conditioner in the car, now the passenger or driver is drowsy and lonely. Even if there is no AC, there are some tips to keep the environment inside the car a little cool in today’s report.

Some simple tips to cool the car cabin –

Use of reflective glass

This time you can use reflective glass instead of normal glass in car windows. They not only protect the privacy of the car cabin but also have the ability to protect some from the effects of the sun rays outside. As a result, the temperature inside the car is slightly lower. However, it may not be as effective on hot summer days.

Cover the dashboard with a towel

If you have to park your car for a long time in the hot sun, be sure to cover the dashboard area with a thick towel. In fact, since dashboards are usually made of plastic and ABS, the sun’s heat easily penetrates through the front windshield and heats it up. Then the warm feeling spreads from the heated dashboard to all parts of the cabin. That’s why covering the dashboard with a towel doesn’t heat it up easily.

Park the car in a shaded area

It is better to park the car in a shaded place if possible on such a hot day. In this case, a place with a shade of a tree or a roof above the head should be chosen. As a result, the warm rays of the sun cannot directly enter the car, so the temperature inside the cabin is much lower.

Keep the window glass slightly open

By adopting this method the temperature of the cabin can be kept under control. Whenever you park the car for a long time in the sun, keeping the window down very slightly allows even a small amount of cold air from outside to enter the cabin. But in this case, one should be careful not to lower the window glass by more than one finger. Or an ill-intentioned person can use that opening to commit theft.

Some items on the market

Various types of necessary aggregates are available in the car parts market these days. In many cases, small solar-powered exhaust fans can be installed that push the hot air inside the cabin out the window. Also you can get some comfortable feeling by using cooling pad.

Conducting doors and windows

You can take another easy way. In this case, it is possible to get rid of some of the hot air inside by circulating the car doors and windows. First, open the driver’s side window. Then use the remaining two doors or the back door as a lower one. That means open these doors with a little force and then close them again. After doing this several times, the heat inside the cabin will be released very quickly.

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