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With 10,000 bookings per day, this electric SUV can run 930 km continuously on a full charge.

Efforts are being made to increase the use of electric vehicles in almost all countries of the world to curb the growing environmental pollution. It is not different in India. However, it is natural that China, the world’s largest electric vehicle market, will be a few steps ahead of the rest. The same thing happened in reality. The Nio ES6 SUV in the country received 30,000 bookings in just three days. The second-generation electric SUV was launched in the Chinese market last week. And in the meantime the market has started to shake.

Nio ES6 SUV received 30,000 bookings in three days

According to sources, the Nio ES6 vehicle has received 29,700 units of advance bookings in just three days since the bookings started. And 6,600 buyers have confirmed their orders. The report claims that 70 percent of the buyers who booked were male. Those aged between 30 and 40 years.

Nio ES6 SUV Specifications

Nio claims the second-generation ES6 SUV can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. It has 20 inch alloy wheels. The car can also be selected with 21 inch alloy wheels. It gets dual electric motors to provide the driving power, which transmits the power to all four wheels of the car. Each axle is connected to an electric motor. Among the dual motors, the power of the front one is 150 kW and the rear one is 210 kW.

Nio ES6 SUV Price, Battery and Range

The base model of the electric SUV is priced at $52,000. In Indian currency the amount is about 42.8 lakh rupees. It has a 75 kWh battery pack. Again, a 10 kWh battery pack is provided in the long range version. The price of which is 60,400 dollars or about 49.7 lakh taka.

In addition, the ultra long range version of the ES6, which will be launched in July, has a 150 kW semi-solid battery pack. The ultra long range model is claimed to deliver a range of 930 km on a full charge. The Nio ES6 SUV can also be bought without any battery. Which will cost 42,300 dollars or about 34.8 lakh taka. But in this case the buyer has to pay the monthly subscription fee.

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