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WhatsApp is changing completely, new design and features are coming to surprise billions of users

No one likes to look the same style, and so WhatsApp has decided to make a big change in its appearance. What will the platform look like?

In this decade, along with smartphones and internet, the thing that has become the daily companion of billions of people in India and worldwide, is WhatsApp. Nowadays, there are very few people who do not use this instant messaging platform. In that case, WhatsApp often brings various new features to keep its huge user base happy, but this time what they have done will double the fun of using the platform. In fact, instead of the old design, WhatsApp is now appearing in a new look.

Yes, the initiation is already done. WhatsApp has started rolling out the new UI on the Android app after testing the beta version for a long time. Soon its look will change completely and there won't be much difference in the design of the Android app, iOS app or the web version – white-and-white interface will be visible everywhere. Not only this, WhatsApp itself has also announced some more design changes for its mobile applications.

What changes in design WhatsApp?

  • New Color: As mentioned in the beginning, one of the main changes that WhatsApp is making in its design is the completely white colored UI. However, the platform has decided to bring the 'Darker Dark Mode' function i.e. to make the dark mode darker, so that users' eyes are not strained in low light. For this reason, WhatsApp has previously experimented with more than 35 different color palettes.
  • New navigation: Currently, all Android device users can access the WhatsApp app's navigation bar from the bottom of the screen, just like the one on iOS. This bar provides quick access to the main sections of the application including chat, calls, community and status updates.
  • Streamline media sharing on iPhone: WhatsApp has also tweaked the media attachment layout with iPhone users in mind – the previous full-screen menu has now been replaced with a smaller expandable tray. This will make it easy to select the option of sharing photos, videos, documents, polls and other media.
  • Change icon and background: It has been reported that WhatsApp is going to refresh the app icons in the new update with rounded and outlined styles to give it a more contemporary look. However, the details of how exactly this change will be are not known.

When will the new design of WhatsApp be available at the fingertips?

This update is expected to be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks. As of now, WhatsApp has not announced any specific date for releasing the new update.



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