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WhatsApp has brought a much awaited feature, voice messages will be converted to text

In addition to chatting on WhatsApp, users can also share photos and videos. Also, WhatsApp also allows its users to send voice notes i.e. voice messages. When typing messages is not possible, the user sends voice messages, voice messaging is easier and less time consuming than typing. But if the voice message contains a private conversation, it becomes difficult for everyone to hear it. Although this problem is not encountered with earbuds, most users do not always have earbuds. And to deal with this problem, WhatsApp has come up with a new feature.

New feature for incoming, outgoing voice messages

This new feature of WhatsApp is called Voice Message Transcript. Wabtinfo detailed this new feature in a recent X post. They also shared a screenshot of this feature. As per the shared screenshot, WhatsApp's transcription feature has been rolled out for incoming and outgoing voice messages. It converts voice messages into text. You need to spend 136 MB of data to setup this feature.

The new feature will support 5 languages

WebTinfo also says that voice transcripts will be generated on the device itself, so that no one but you can hear or read them. Voice transcription is supported in five languages, including Hindi. This feature of WhatsApp will be very useful for users. For users who have hearing problems, this feature can come in handy.

WhatsApp voice message transcript feature coming soon to stable version

The voice message transcript feature is currently found in WhatsApp Android version on Google Play Store. After the beta test, the company will roll out the stable version of this feature for users worldwide.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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